Making a candle is PSP 8
I have written 2 tutorials on making candles.
There are some differences and you may find that you like one or both.

Tutorial written by Mysticwolf

What we are making


There are no special plugins for this tutorials, we will be working with the selection tool and bevels.

Ok then, let's get started

Making a Candle

Open a new image size 200 x 200
choose your pre-set shape tool
rounded rectangle
foreground black
background null

Draw your shape

with your selection tool select anywhere
outside the shape
then invert selection

Flood fill with a color of your choice
I used a gradient

while still selected add an inner bevel:
settings: width 10 smoothness 2 depth 4
ambience 4 shininess 35 angle 315 intensity 40
elevation 35 color White

Selections: Select none

Selection: elipse
Cut out a small part at the top of your candle
afer you have your selection like you want it hit delete
New Raster Layer
Picture Tube rope scale 20
add as your wick
drag this layer to the bottom

layers merge visible

again using your selction tool
elipse shape draw a few lines down on your candle for the dripping wax

selections: promote to layer
add inner bevel same settings as earlier
add drop shadow V H 1 Opacity 100% blur 2
duplicate layer

layers merge visible

New Raster Layer
with your selection tool
draw an elipse at the top of your candle
to go behind your wick
Choose a dark color from your candle and flood fill
selections select none
drag layer to bottom
if any of the elipse is showing on the out side of your candle use your eraser tool to remove it.

layers merge visible

Layers new raster layer
selections elipse
draw an elipse at the bottom of your candle for the base
flood fill with a color of your choice
add inner bevel:

Selections select none
drag the plate layer under your candle and center your candle on the plate

merge visible

duplicate image twice

resize canvas to 300 x 300
New Layer
You may add some decoration around the base of the candle if you would like.
merge visible
duplicate image twice
resize canvas to 300 x 300
close the bottom two layers

add new layer, this layer should be on top candle image. (Layer 3)
Add the fire tube resized 24
merge visible.
Close this layer.
open another candle layer and repeat above, until you have 3 merged layers.

using your crop tube crop the candle to size
save as a psp image and open in animation shop

edit select all animation properties: 25
save image
I Hope that you enjoyed this tutorial

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