chartmaker tut


Plug-Ins: dot and cross & VTR 2
Unplugged Tools: Chart Maker
Filter's Unlimited: Aged Film


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Tubes, Mask, And Font used in this tutorial.

This tutorial was written by me using PSP 10 and I retain all rights to same.
Your results, however, are not and are yours to do with as you will.
I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions please E-Mail me.


  • open tube provided (Shizerro Pumpkin Dance) or one of you own. Duplicate. Close original
  • resize image to a height of 380, all layers checked
  • canvas size: 620 x 400 image to left bottom
  • duplicate image
  • add a new layer and drag it to bottom
  • choose two colors from your tube
  • choose foreground/background gradient angle 45 repeats none
  • flood fill with gradient
  • apply dot and cross default setting
  • ON the bottom tube add these effects: distortion effects; wind from left 100 strength Unplugged Tools: Starchart default settings
  • On top layer of tube, apply vtr2 default setting and filters unlimited: Special Effects aged film default setting
  • close bottom gradient layer merge visible
  • Add a new layer, keeping tube layer on top
  • flood fill new layer with gradient
  • apply mask zuzzannamask_35 invert mask unchecked
  • merge masked layer
  • On Mask Layer apply drop shadow: 3, 2, 68, 3 and then apply drop shadow: -1 -2 90 1
  • Keeping your tube layer on top add a new layer: flood fill with white
  • apply same mask
  • merge visible
  • add text
  • The font I used was incarntation size 72 with drop shadow -1 -2 90 1
  • Copy KK-IndianCorn
  • paste as new layer
  • resize all layers unchecked resize by 40%
  • image free rotate 45 degree angle right
  • move corn to upper left hand corner of image.
  • Add a drop shadow if you like
  • Merge all and save as a jpg

And you are done.
I hope that you liked this tutorial and found it enjoyable and easy to follow.
Please feel free to leave comments or your result of this tutorial in the forum.
Thank you, Destiny

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