DSB Bubbles Tutorial
Written by Mysticwolf / AKA Destiny
PSP Magic © copyright 2004 ® All rights reserved to tutorial

What we are making

DSB Flux Bubble Header

Supplies needed for this tutorial
Download 30 Day Trial PSP 8

DSB Flux Plugin

Download Here
Download and place in your psp plug in file
Download Supplies
(includes font, image, and gradient)
Font used:   Vivaldi
Open font and it will be available for use in PSP

background image: SpikyHalo

Colors Used: #A37F82 and #EFD5C3

This tutorial was written by me using PSP 8 and I retain all rights to same.
Your results, however, are not and are yours to do with as you will.
I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions please E-Mail me.

Now that you have your supples let's get started.

Step 1

Open the tube Jean_Fantasy141 (Supplied) or use your own tube
Control D (Duplicate) image resize 60% all layers unchecked

Duplicate Layer
Close Layer 2

Working on the bottom layer
Adjut: Blur Guassian Blur 15
Plug-In: DSB Flux: Bubbles (default Setting)
Lower opacity to 80%
Back to your tube layer
Go to your selection tube
Select Elipse and draw around the bottom of the tube
Go To selections: modify feather 10
Then hit Delete a few times
Add a drop shadow to the tube:
What I Used H: 10 V: -10 Opacity: 80 Blur 10
Merge Visible

Add New Layer
Open up your paint brushes
Settings: shape Round, Size 200, Hardness 75, step 10,
Density, Thickness,Opacity 100, Rotation 0
Apply the paintbrush to the new layer using the gradient image supplied
Apply it somewhere above and behind the women Add the DSB Flux Bubbles same setting as before

Go To Effects
Geometric: Circle Apply Once transparent background checked
Drag to bottom
Lower opacity to 74%

Add your text
Using color: #A37F82 as foreground and the bubble image as background
Put the text where you want it on the page
Objects: Align Horizontal Center
Add drop shadow: What I Used H: 5 V: -5 Opacity: 80 Blur 10

Merge Visible
Copy Paste as new image
Merge All and save as a jpeg

(you may want to resize your image) if you do please make sure that bicubic resize is chosen.

Enjoy your new tag and if you have any questions please E-Mail Me
or leave a message in the Forum.

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