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Masked Tut

Supplies you will need:
Download 30 Day Trial PSP 8

Supplies Needed
(font, gradient, tube, mask)

Font used is Vivaldi
Open font file and minimize for use in PSP.
Open the tube image in PSP
Load the mask into your psp mask folder
Load the Gradient into your gradient folder

Now that you have your supplies let's get started

Open new Image size 350 X 350
Flood with the gradient supplied or use your own if you are using a different image
Layers: Load Mask from disk Mask26_kreations.
Merge Group

Copy and Paste Tube as new layer
Image resize 50%
Move image to right hand corner of your masked image

Duplicate Image
Mirror Image
Move image to left hand corner of your masked image
Blend Mode: Luminance
Image Resize 50%
Lower opacity to 40%

Add your text
Place the text where you want it.
You can add an inner bevel or drap shadow if you would like.
Once you have the text where you want it
Merge all layers and save as a JPEG

Experiment for different effects and have fun!
Thats all there is to it.

Masked Tut

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