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Tutorial Written on 01/14/2016 and any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not claim it as your own. All Rights retained to tutorial © Marie's Designs


This is a PTU Tutorial using a Scrap Kit by Amy Marie: Brittany. I used a picture tube from Very Many.
Please do not use this tube unless you have purchased it and have a license to use it. This tutorial assumes that you have a working knowledge of PSP.
PSP X3 was used in the making of this tutorial but other versions should work.
There are no outside filters used in the making of this tutorial.
Mask used is by Wee Scott Lass. Mask 221 available Here
Legends: C/P Copy Paste     D/S Drop shadow: settings 4 -4 60 7.98     E - Element
With some items that are resized we will be using this setting: Add Mask > Unsharpen Mask >     Settings: 3 30 3

Step 1

  • New Image size 700 X 700 Flood fill with white
  • Layers New raster layer select all C/P paper 16 into selection. select none
  • Apply WSL Mask 221 Merge group
  • Close both of these layers for now.
  • C/P E-55. With magic wand choose selection inside box. Float, Defloat selection. Expand selection by 10.
  • C/P paper 7 as new layer. On paper layer, invert, crop to selection. (or delete). Move paper layer under frame.
  • C/P close up image of tube. (If you are using a tube without a close up just paste tube and place images face with frame).
  • Resize close-up by 62%. On paper layer, select all, float, defloat expand by 10
  • Back on tube layer , invert and crop to selection.
  • On tube layer duplicate tube.
  • On original layer change blend mode to overlay.
  • On top tube layer apply blur > guassian blur > Setting at 3. Change blend mode to screen
  • Merge visible. Make sure the mask and bottom layer are closed. Resize image by 62%.
  • Duplicate twice so that you have 3 frames. Resize top layer by 75% mirror, place to lower left. Mirror
  • Resize other frame by 90% move to right side, place under top frame layer. Move down a bit.

  • Duplicate your smaller frame on the left side,on the duplicated layer move down just a bit. Apply D/S to both of the duplicated frame: settings -7, 0, 52, 4.95. Then apply D/S with this setting 0, -6, 40, 3.95 to right side frame. Add same D/S to frame on left changing to 0, 6,
  • We are adding shadow to give the frames an appearance of depth
  • Add layer link toggle 1 to all frames so that if you want to move the frames around they will move together

Step 2 Elements

  • C/P E 55 (card) resize 75% X 2 then resize 85%. Adjust > Sharpeness > Unsharp Mask. Setting at 3 30 3 Rotate layer, Left 24.96, all layers unchecked. Move to right side of top frame. Adjust > Sharpen> Unsharp Mask again. Apply D/S Duplicate Place duplicated image below frame layer and move down a bit. Refer to frames in tag for placement if needed.
  • C/P E 15 move to top of center frame with over hang to left. Apply D/S Duplicate resize 85% place under top frame and on top of right frame Unsharpen mask
  • C/P E 34 resize by 62% effects > edge effects > Enhance Apply D/S settings: 1 -1 100 0 color: #5D1724
  • C/P E 14 resize 62% place to upper right above card layer D/S
  • C/P E36 Resize 62% and then 85% Layer Link Toggle 2 Duplicate Put duplicate layer under watch chain On top mirror layer erase a little of the mirror frame so the chain looks like it is weaving in and out of mirror. Apply d/s to bottom mirror layer.

  • On top mirror layer merge down, then merge down the watch layer, merging with the bottom mirror. Now the mirrors and the watch should all be on the same layer
  • C/P element 102 move up on canvas
  • C/P E 60 (Wooden Horse)
  • C/P E 73 (Bracelet) resize bracelet by 72%. Move bracelet so it looks like it is draped over horses neck. On necklace layer link toggle 3.

  • Duplicate bracelet. Move below horse layer. On the top bracelet erase part of bracelet on left side. Now apply D/S to horse, then bottom bracelet layer
  • Merge these 3 elements so that they are now all one layer. Resize 72% apply unsharp mask
  • C/P E 2 resize 62% X 2 place to the right edge of the left frame.
  • C/P E 48 resize 30% place on the top of the left frame D/S
  • C/P E 79 Resize by 30% place on same picture frame and other bottle
  • C/P E 47 Resize 38% place on the top of the left picture frame move under the leaves move to right
  • C/P E 17 resize 50% place at base of wooden horse
  • C/P E 66 resize 62% place bottom left on canvas
  • C/P E 31 place at lower center of canvas The confetti should show under the dog and tube which we are adding next. The cone may not visible.
  • C/P tube Resize 50% then resize by 80% twice. Place tube at bottom of canvas D/S
  • C/P E 61 resize 60% Place under tube so it looks like her arms are resting on the books. D/S
  • C/P E 95 Resize 50 % place in front of tube
  • C/P E 30 Resize 80% move down to bottom of canvas. On your manual correction tool change the text to a darker color. I used #b9aa9b as source and used black as target. D/S 2 -2 80 2.97 White Change Blend mode to Luminance (L) opacity 69

Finishing up

  • Resize now if you are going to.
  • Close off tube layer, dog, books, mask and white layer. Merge Visible resize 95%
  • Open everything back up except for white layer, add copyright and license info.
  • Add name I used font Evita Regular 48 Black fore and background.
  • I placed my name on the bottom left picture frame and gave it a D/S 1, 0, 100, 0 White. This D/s makes the text look like it is carved in the frame.
That's it. We are done. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial. Marie