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Mosaic Tutorials
This is my first attempt at writing a tutorial.
It does not use any special plug-ins.
This tutorial was written in PSP 8, but you should be able to do it PSP 7.
The font I used is Cenobyte.
PSP Magic © copyright 2004 ® All rights reserved to tutorial

To download the font and tube I used CLICK HERE

To start:
  1. Open new image
      size: 600X600
  2. open tube
      copy paste as new layer
  3. go to:effects
    distortion effects
    twirl     set to 719
  4. duplicate layer
    go to effects
    texture effects
    antique mosaic
    settings: columns 25     rows 25
                tile diffision 100     grout width 2
                grout diffusion 100
  5. go to your first layer: the twirl
    resize by 85%
    move to top:
  6. add your tube
    resize by 85%
    drop shadow
    Settings:   Vertical: 1     Horizontal: 1
                    Opacity: 75     Blur: 4
  7. Merge Visible
    Add Text
    Choose two colors from your tube.
    Colors I Used:
        Foreground Color #926839
        background color: #B89A67
    Font used: Cenobyte, size: 60

    Inner Bevel: This is the setting that I used.
    But you may use another on if you like

    Inner Bevel

    Add same drop shadow
  8. merge visible copy
    paste as new image
    merge all
    resize to a size you would like.
    I resized mine by 58%
    Make sure resize image is set to bicubic resample
    save as a jpeg
    Enjoy you new tag

Hope you liked this tutorial if you have any questions please email me.

Thank you, Mysticwolf / AKA Destiny

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