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radiant quilt tutorial

Supplies you will need:
Download 30 Day Trial PSP 8

Xero Plugin ( Radiance {Set 4}) Download Here
Two Moon Plugin Download Here
To use the tube and font that I usedDownload Here

Font used is starnberg, open font file and minimize for use in PSP.
Open the tube in PSP

Now that you have your supplies let's get started

Open Tube Duplicate
Close Original
Resize by 60%
All layers checked
Canvas Size 500 X 500
Duplicate tube
close top tube layer
working on the bottom layer
effects: distortion - Twirl 600
effects: distortion - Wind From Right 80%

Apply Plugin: Two Moon Quilt Settings
add some 122   take some away 124
Move background layer so that your tube will be center
Duplicate Layer
With your deformation tube stretch the bottom layer
so that it covers all the area behind your tube

Effects: Xero Radiance default settings

Add a drop shadow to your tube
V -3 H 3 Opacity 68 blur 6.8 color: #562F1C
Merge visible

add your text: Vector checked
font used: Starnberg size 48
foreground color: #562F1C   background color:#DC9542
Set background to gradient foreground/background
angle 45 repeat 1 invert unchecked

Place your text where you would like it. Stretch it and lengthen it to your liking.
Selections: Align horizontal
Convert to raster layer

Add an Inner Bevel:
width 12   smoothness 4   radiance 4   ambience 7  shininess 0  
color white   angle 315   intensity 40   elevation 36  

Inner Bevel Settings

Add same drop shadow as before
Merge Visible
edit copy paste as new image
Merge all

resize if you want making sure that bicubic resample is checked.

I resized mine by 75%
Save as a JPEG

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