Rainbow Flux Tut
Written by Mysticwolf / AKA Destiny
PSP Magic © copyright 2004 ® All rights reserved to tutorial

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Written in PSP 8
Downlaod 30 Day Trial

Supplies Includes gradients, font (Scythe) and preset shapes  Download Here
Unzip the gradients to yor psp gradient folder
The Shapes to your psp shapes folder
Open the font file for use in PSP

DSB Flux Plug-In Download Here
Unzip and place in your psp plug in file

This tutorial was written by me and I retain all rights to same.
Your results, however, are not and are yours to do with as you will.
I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions please E-Mail me.

Now that you have your supplies let's get started

open new file 500x500 transparent background
open preset shape tool and find arrow 11
foreground color black bgcolor null
anti-alias checked
draw arrow the size you want your rainbow

Go to selection choose rectangle and draw around the
bottom of the arrow getting rid of the arrow heads.
hit delete.

choose pen vector checked and draw a line
on each side of the arrow to close the ends of your rainbow.
convert to raster layer
merge visible

select the inside of your rainbow with the magic wand Tolerance: 0
selections modify expand 4
choose gradient fill:
flood fill with the rainbow gradient
(I used the rainbow pasel gradient) radial angle 45 - repeats 2 - invert unchecked
selections select all defloat
adjust - blur - guassian blur 10

add your tube and your text on a seperate layer.
I used a dark color from my tube for the foreground and the rainbow gradient as the background.

using your crop tool crop your image

anything that you have behind the rainbow image you can merge

If it is in front of the rainbow merge these layers, but do not merge the rainbow layer.
OK now click on the rainbow image decrease opacity to 60
then duplicate twice
On each layer of the rainbow
effects plug-ins dsb flux bright noise 50

now make 2 more copies of your other layers.
x out all but 1 copy of each layer and merge visible.
continue to do this until you have a copy of each layer

rename layers if you want to as layer 1, 2 etc.

open animation shop

click on the first layer of your image
and add as new animation
2nd layer add after current frame
third layer copy add after current frame
animation properties should be defaul setted to 10 and that is fine.

Now view animation if you like it save the file
If you would like to resize it, in animation shop edit,
select all frames animation, resize animation and then save.
(I resized my image by 75%)

I hope that you enjoy this tutorial if you have any questions please email me.

Mysticwolf AKA Destiny

Another example of one that I made:

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