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Tutorial written by Mysticwolf / AKA Destiny
PSP Magic © copyright 2004 ® All rights reserved to tutorial

This Tutorial was written using PSP 8
This tutorial was written by me and I retain all rights to same.
Your results, however, are not and are yours to do with as you will.
I hope that you enjoy making this Sig and if you have any questions please E-Mail me.

Supplies you will need
This tutorial uses the VM Extravaganza - Shoutin plugin which you can download here
Written in PSP 8    Download 30 Day Free Trial
You can use your own image or use the one I did.
To download image, tube and font I used please click here.

Open image-copy paste as new layer (control-d) close original
New image size W-428 H-327
Select all
copy your image
Paste into selection
Apply Plug-In:   VM Extravaganza - Shoutin default setting
with magic wand tolerance set at 0 select white area   hit delete selections invert
new layer
Do Not Deselect
3d effects cutout
V H 2 opacity 60 blur 50 shadow color: Black interior color: null

Layers: Merge visible

resize layer by 85% all layers unchecked
layers merge visible

duplicate image
select the bottom layer
adjust - blur - guassian blur: settings 5
merge visible

Add new layer
add your text (Font I Used: Star Struck: foreground color: #C4D5EF Background color: #6E7FAA
(Set to foreground/background gradient: angle 90 repeat 1)
duplicate text and add the same guassian blur to bottom layer of text

add a tube or any accents if you want to (Add on a new layer so that you can move them around)
layers merge all
Resize if you want to and then save file as a jpeg

If you would like to use the image you make on a webpage or want a background color other than white before merging all add a new layer, drag it to the bottom and flood fill it with the color or background image that you want to use.

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial if you have any questions please email me

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