Written by Destiny on March 24, 2008
All Rights ® retained to same

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Materials you will need for this tutorial
Tube: fantasy-antropia Xenofex 2
Scrap Kit: Sisters   Made by: MissSue  
Tube: Heart Swirl 
Supplies Here   (Tubes & Scrap Kit)

This tutorial was written by me on March 24, 2008 and any similarity to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.
Please do not claim it as your own. This tutorial was written by me using PSP X2 and I retain all rights to same.
Your results, however, are not and are yours to do with as you will.
I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions please E-Mail me.
All materials and tubes used are copyrighted to their respective owners and credit will be given if known.
Images supplied with my tutorials that I have made may be shared with other groups as long as my watermark is not removed.
If there is something I have used and it is yours, please let me know so I can give you credit or take it down.

You can download a free trial of PSP here
This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of PSP.
Unrar files into a folder that you can easily access.
open the supplied images in psp
Put mask in your mask folder.
Open font for use in psp.
Install plugins into your plugins folder.

Ok, Let's get started.

  • Open a new image raster layer 590 x 530
  • select all
  • selection modify 50%
  • copy one of the papers from the scrap kit
  • edit paste into selection

  • copy paste the 2 frames as new layers
  • duplicate one of the frame images and mirror
    (There should be 3 frame iamges)
  • make bottom frame layer active
  • With your magic wand select inside of frame
  • selections expand 5
  • create new layer
  • edit: copy the face image from the scrap kit
  • edit: paste into selection
  • move image under the active frame
  • select none
  • drop shadow on frame layer: 2 2 72 5
  • merge down

  • choose another frame: select inside area with your magic wand
  • expand by 3
  • edit: copy your tube
  • paste as new layer: place the image inside the frame where you want it
    (make sure you are on the selected area)
  • selections invert delete
  • move under frame
  • add same drop shadow to frame layer
  • merge down
  • repeat with last frame, using a different part of your tube.

  • Image: free rotate all layers unchecked
  • rotate one of your frames 18 degrees right
  • And 1 of them rotate 22 degree
  • place frames as I did, or as you like.
  • Move towards the top

  • edit, copy corner floral image from the scrap kit
  • paste as new layer
  • place at upper left of top image
  • add drop shadow: 2 2 72 5
  • duplicate ~ mirror
  • image free rotate left 18 degrees .
  • place on outer corner of the image on the left side of your canvas
  • merge frame and flower layers
  • resize 85% sharpen

  • edit, copy one of the torn corners from the scrap kit
  • edit duplicate image mirror
  • edit duplicate image flip
  • edit duplicate image mirror
  • place a corner or 2 under a frame layer
  • merge visible

  • duplicate
  • resize top layer 85%
  • Make the bottom layer active
  • effects: xenofex 2 ~ burnt edges
    1. settings: contract/expand: 0
    2. burn width: 24.00
    3. roughness 1
    4. color: #a08240
    5. make selection transparent
    6. random seed: 4842

  • make the top layer you just resized active
  • merge down
  • add other elements that you want on your image
  • merge visible
  • image resize 85%
  • free rotate 24 degrees right

  • edit copy tube, paste as new layer
  • resize 75% (or if you are using a different tube that the one provided resize to fit)
  • edit copy one of the colored strips from the scrap paper
  • paste as a new layer, position below your tube
  • copy the mauve pearl
  • paste as new layer
  • position at the center of your colored strip
  • duplicate twice so that you have 3 layers
    1. on first copy:
    2. effects image effects offset: settings V- 0 H: 100 custom transparent
    3. You should still be on the layer of your first copy: effects image effects offset: settings V- 0 H: -100 transparent
  • copy and paste heart swirl accent as new layer
  • add embellishments, your text, name, watermark, etc
merge all and resize if you want
save your image as a jpg

I hope that you have enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any questions please e-mail me or leave a message in the forum.

Thank you, Destiny

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