Spooky Fade Tutorial

Written by Mysticwolf / AKA Destiny
PSP Magic © copyright 2004 ® All rights reserved to tutorial

What we are making

Spooky Fade

Supplies needed for this tutorial

Download 30 Day Trial PSP 8

Plugins needed:
Crescent Moon Plug-in:
Download Here

Xero Plug-in
Lithograph(Set 1) and Fritallery (Set 4)
Download Here

Artistic: underpainting
Download here

Unzip and place in your psp plug in file

Download Supplies
(includes fonts, paint brush, image, and gradient)
Fonts used:   Blecklet & Breathe
open fonts and they will be available for use in PSP

Gradient: Duo-tone dark Blue(This is included with PSP 8)

This tutorial was written by me using PSP 8 and I retain all rights to same.
Your results, however, are not and are yours to do with as you will.
I hope that you enjoy this tutorial and if you have any questions please E-Mail me.

Now that you have your supples let's get started.

Step 1(Making the template)

open a new image 400 x 400
apply a new layer
flood fill with duo tone dark blue gradient
(You can use other gradients for different colored effects)
repeats 0 angle 0

add noise   settings - uniform 8
plug-in Xero lithograph default settings
Vibrancy :127
Colorization: 127

Select your selection tool: rounded rectangle
make 5 shapes in descending size.
selections invert: delete
selections invert

plug-in: artistic underpainting default setting
plug-in Xero: fritallary default setting
Crescent Moon: Spooky Fade
red 246
green 179
blue: 134
opacity: 3

effects: drop shadow
v: 5 h: 5 opacity 68 blur 6.8
selections invert

selection none

image mirror

merge visible
add a new layer:
add the spooky fade1 tube
or create your own (if you used a different gradient or want a different colored-effect)
I used a brush called charmed1 if you would like to make your own. (It is included in the supples)
Apply the brush at size 250 and apply twice. Then apply the same filters in the same order as above.
drag to bottom
Merge visible

Step 2

add your tube

same drop shadow

add new layer
add text font I used blecklet size 12
once you have your text as you want it
image rotate 20 degrees left
position text
drop shadow v h 1 opacity 100 blur 2

add your name text set to vector layer
Place your name where you want it and then go to objects: align horizontal center.
This will center your name
Convert to raster layer

font I used breathe size 72
fg and bg color duotone blue
add spooky fade plug in

merge visible and save as jpeg (you may want to resize your image) if you do please make sure that bicubic resize is chosen.

Enjoy your new tag and if you have any questions please E-Mail Me

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Some other tags I made with.
Play around with the settings once you are comfortable with the tut and see what you come up with
I would love to see your results.

This tag was done using the duo tone light blue and spookyfade colors all set at 255
Spooky Shadow

spooky fade

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